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Pinpointing Buyers
Pinpointing Buyers

For Guaranteed Marketing Profits.

leverage accurate & affordable data

Watch your response rates soar!

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customize your targeted Mailing Lists!

Radius and mutliple radius mailing

Age, Gender, Income, Education, & Occupation

Home Market Value, Year Built, Property Type

Loan-to-Value, Purchase Year, Loan Type

Dieting / Weight Loss, Exercise / Health Grouping

New Movers file updated weekly

Bankruptcy filing dates, status & discharge dates

Church Lists of pastors, priests, & more

Nursing, Assisted Living, & Retirement Homes

Physicians by specialty

Mailing addresses in carrier route walk-sequence



Mailing List Options!

Selecting a Mailing List...

It’s Simple, Easy and Affordable.

You can modify the geography

and demographics PRIOR to

ordering your targeted mailing list.

You can use images or any

HTML elements as layers!

You can use unlimited

numbers of sublayers!

And you can simply set the direction

or fading / timing of sublayers and more!


Have you ever wondered how you could spend less money and still generate leads? Congratulations, you are about to discover a Direct Marketing Secret. It’s Simple, Easy and Affordable. Saturating a geographical area with your offer is okay, if you have a large marketing budget. Secret Alert: Utilizing accurate data to customize your direct mailing list can ensure campaign profits.

Watch your response rates soar by personalizing your marketing offer to a specific receptive audience. Pinpointing your buying audience will enable you to leverage you marketing dollars for profits of 50% to 3000% every time. That’s why this Marketing Secret is so Powerful. To start leveraging your marketing dollars to generate profitable leads, click on “Request A Count.”

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Marketing Begins with Targeted Mailing Lists. is the right list broker for you and your company. With over 9 specific databases files and over 150,000 specialty files, we can offer you a vast amount of selections to pinpoint your target market. Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or new to marketing, we have the most Accurate Data in the Nation for you to customize your direct mailing lists.

Please use our “buying checklist” and ” the right list for you” pages to determine what direct mail lists will work for your marketing campaign. Please select from our navigation bar on the left hand side of this page for more detail about the mailing lists we have to offer. Your success is our success. We are experts in pinpointing buyers for our clients marketing profits. Let one of our mailing list professionals help guide you in selecting a targeted direct mailing list.

Our Most Popular Database Files Include The Following Available Mailing and Leads List:
Customize Your Mailing List with Accurate Data.
Increase your Response Rates
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