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Church Mailing Lists

Everyone Needs to Hear God’s Message.

church-mailing-lists-church-marketing-list-direct-mailWhether you are marketing to a church or marketing for the church, has the most accurate and customizable church mailing lists available.  Nevertheless, both of these marketing lists will help you achieve the same goal: help the church spread its message in the community and help grow its member base.

Growing churches that are actively looking to expand their message to their community can choose from the following lists for the best results: Consumer Lists; Residential Lists; New Homeowners Lists;

New Movers Lists  From these targeted lists you can customize your own church marketing list. These specific marketing data records will better serve your needs of building your congregation and spreading your message.

For Immediate Assistance in Selecting the Most Profitable Church Mailing Lists

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Specific Church Mailing Lists May Yield Higher Response Rates.

You can customize your church marketing list by only selecting specific churches and religious organizations that would better match your perfect target audience.  Over 350,000 church records can be narrowed down to the most up-to-date church list that is customized to match your marketing needs.

You can also choose from over 40 special premium selections. These selections include choosing  the name of the Music Director if the church has Bus/Van Transportation.Please ask one of our expert marketing consultants about our Special Premium Church List Selections

Religious organizations
Churches, temples,& shrines
Apostolic Church
Assembly of God Church
Baptist Church
Brethren Church
Buddhist temple
Catholic Church
Christian & Reformed Church
Christian Reformed Church
Christian Science Church
Church of the Nazarene

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of Christ
Church of God
Community Church
Covenant & Evangelical Church
Episcopal Church
Greek Orthodox Church
Inter-denominational church
Lutheran Church
Mennonite Church
Methodist Church
Misc. denomination church

Non-denominational church
Pentecostal Church
Presbyterian Church
Reformed Church
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Nonchurch religious organizations

The Following Standard Selections from Our Church Mailing Lists Database Include:

Zip Code
Zip Range
Area Code
Carrier Route
Number of Computers
Number of Employees
Only records with ZIP+4
Sales Volume
Square Footage
Telephone Numbers
Top Contact Name
Website URL Buy a Church Mailing List That Gets Results.  To Receive a Free Count within Minutes Please Call Us Toll Free at 888-272-5981


24 hr delivery on most mailing list orders