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Consumer Mailing Lists

Why are Businesses Trending Towards Individualized Consumer Marketing?

conusmer mailing lists direct mail marketing targeted zip code lists mailing list direct marketingConsumer mailing lists. In addition to generating broad demographic profiles and psychographic profiles of market segments, businesses are engaging in personalized marketing, permission marketing, and mass customization. Consumers these days are smart, they know when they are being pitched.

The old saying goes, “no one likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy.”  Direct mail puts your message in front of consumers who hopefully are ready to buy. From all ages and walks of life, consumers have different buying habits and buying cycles. How do you target an audience that is “ready” or willing to buy?

Personalized marketing starts with a consumer marketing list that is customized by location and multiple individualized criteria selections. can provide you with an accurate consumer list that targets the right person for your offer to generate the greatest response.


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Our Consumer Mailing Lists Database is Rebuilt from Scratch Every Two Months. 

Our consumer list database of over 200 million consumers at over 135 million addresses is compiled from multiple data sources including telephone directories, credit files, mail responders, government records, and other proprietary sources.From multiple source contributors–white pages, real property data, credit institutes, etc.–800 million names and address records are collected.  But that’s not good enough. The 800 million records are processed via  National Change of Address (NCOA), Delivery Sequence File (DSF), Locatable Address Conversion Service (LACS),  and other proprietary information sources. Our up-to-date consumer marketing lists will decrease your cost per lead. Thus, improving profits.

Save Money, Stay Legal, Improve Profits

Additionally, the data is passed against suppression files to eliminate consumers or telephone numbers as appropriate:Decease File, State Attorney General (SAG) data, the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) do-not mail and do-not-call lists, and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) do-not call file.We finally arrive at a consumer mailing list database file with over 200 million consumers at over 135 million addresses. These quality records will improve response rates for your direct mailing campaign. A consumer list is just a click or call away.

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Our Consumer Marketing Lists Database includes the following criteria selections:

Zip Code
Zip Range
Area Code
Carrier Route
Census Tract
Congressional District
DMA Codes
MSA Codes
Adult Type Indicator
Adult Age (2yr Increments)
Adult Age Ranges in HH
African American Professionals
Age of Head of HH–Premier Complete
Age HH (Age Head of Household)
Available Home Equity (Premier)
Available Home Equity (RPA)
Business Owner
Buying Behavior
Census Median Home Value (Hundreds)
Census Median Income (Hundreds)
Children Age Ranges
Children’s Age Range (1 Year)
Claritas Income Producing Assets
College Graduate
Community Reinvestment Act Code
Consumer Prominence Indicator
Credit Card Indicator
Credit Card Issuer
Credit Card Users
Date of Birth
Date of Birth (Month Only)
Date of Birth Use
Deliver ability Score
Deliver Drop Point Indicator
DOB (Select Year Only)
Dominant Vehicle Lifestyle Indicator
Dwelling Unit Size
E-mail Indicator
Education of Selected Record
Empty Nester
Estimated Income
Estimated Income–Narrow Ranges
Estimated Income–Premier Complete
Estimated Income High Ranges
Estimated Residential Properties Owned
Ethnic Code
Ethnic Country Code
Ethnic Language Preferences Codes
Ethnic Religion Code
Expectant Parent
Expiration Date 1 (Loan Month)
Expiration Date 2 (Purchase Month)
File Date
Gender (Individual)
Generations in Household
Geo Match Level Code
Head HH Education


Head HH Education–Premier Complete
Head HH Occupation
Head of HH only
Heavy Transactor
Hispanic Country of Origin
Home Market Value
Home Purchase Date (Premier)
Home Purchase Date Date (RPA)
Home Purchase Year
Homeowner/Renter–Premier Complete
Household Size
Household Status Indicator
InfoBase Investor Model–Highly Likely Invest
InfoBase Investor Model–Likely Investors
InfoTrend Cellular User Model
InfoTrend International Long Distance User
InfoTrend Internet User Model
InfoTrend Long Distance User Model
InfoTrend Optional Calling Services User
Internet Connection Type
Length of Residence
Length of Residence–100%
Life Event–Child Nearing HS Graduation
Life Event–New Parent
Life Event–Recent Home Buyer
Life Event–Recent Mortgage Borrower
Life Insurance Policy Owner
Loan Date 1st
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Donor
Mail Responders
Martial Status
Martial Status–Premier Complete
Market Decile
Market Value Model Indicator
Method of Payment Count–Cash
Method of Payment Count–Credit Card
Method of Payment Count–Retail Card
Neilson Codes
Net Worth
Net Worth Gold
New Bank Card Issued
New Record to File
New/Used Ind–1sr Vehicle
New/Used Ind–2nd Vehicle
Number of Address Lines Present
Number of Adults
Number of Children–100%
Number of Credit Lines
Number of Sources–Demographic Data
Number of Sources–Name & Address
Number of Vehicles
Occupation of Selected Record
One Per/ All Per Household or Address
Online Purchaser Indicator

Only records with ZIP + 4
PC DSL/ High Speed User
PC Operating System
PC Owner
Personix Financial Life Stage Codes
Personix Hispanic
Personix Insurance Life Stage Codes
Personix Life Stages Clusters
Personix Life Stage Group
Political Party–(Individual)
Political Party–(Head of Household)
Prefix Title
Prem New Care Buyer
Prem Number of Children
Prem Retail Activity–Date of Last Activity
Prem Senior Adult
Prem Young Adult
Presence of Children
Presence of Children–100%
Presence of Pool
Prizm NE
Probable Teen Driver
Range of New Credit
Ranking Invitation to Apply Approvals
Real Property Detail (Specific Type)
Real Property Lender Type 1st
Real Property Loan Amount Range 1st
Real Property Loan-To-Value Range
Real Property Property Type
Real Property Purchase Amount
Real Property Real Estate Investor
Real Property Year Built
Real Property Year Built–Uncoded
Real Property Year Built Ranges
Recent Divorced
Single Parent
Small Office–Home Office
Software Buyer
Sub-Types of Retail Activity
Telephone Number (Flag Number)
Time Zone
Travel (Bus)–Domestic–Have Taken
Travel (Bus)–Domestic–Would Enjoy
Travel–International Vac.–Have Taken
Travel–International Vac.–Would Enjoy
Travel–RV Vacation
Travel–US Vacation–Have Taken
Travel–US Vacation–Would Enjoy
Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner
Underbanked / Cash Transactor
Vehicle–Intended to Purchase
Vehicle 1–Make
Vehicle 1–Year (1988 – Present)
Vehicle 2–Make
Vehicle 2–Year (1988 – Present)
Wireless–Product Buyer
Working Woman Indicator
ZIP4 Record Type

As you can see our consumer mailing lists have multiple criteria selections that can be made to narrow in on your target market. Don’t let these selections scare you. They should excite you with the vast amount of possibilities to reach your perfect audience, and your profits.  Our experienced consumer list experts can guide you through your selection process.

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