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Mailing Lists

What is the Biggest Mistake that Amateur Marketers make?

mailing list direct mail marketing Poor list selection. Most of these amateurs focus on the layout and format. They think,”if my mail piece or script is good, it doesn’t matter who I market to.”You found us, so we must be preaching to the choir. wants to ensure that you chose the most targeted mailing list, so you can maximize your profits.

An accurate marketing mailing list enables you to deliver your message to prospects that are receptive to your offers. Your response rates will improve and so will your profits. So what mailing lists are right for your campaign?  First, you need to figure out who is your perfect prospect. It can be a profile from your best customers to a new target audience your want to reach.  We will listen to your marketing needs and satisfy those desires with a customized mail list.Your Success is Our Success.

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Your Selections are Only as Good as the Data.

Once you have mastered the biggest mistake that amateur marketers make, you have positioned yourself for success. If your mailing list is not reliable and up-to-date, you lose that edge on your competition. Our database files are updated weekly and monthly.All of the records are passed through and cleansed against:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Delivery Sequence File (DSF)
  • Locatable Address Conversion Service (LACS)
  • other Proprietary Information Sources.

Additionally, the data is passed against suppression files to eliminate consumers or telephone numbers as appropriate: Decease File, State Attorney General (SAG) data, the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) do-not mail and do-not-call lists, and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) do-not call file.

9 Ways to Strategically Plan a Successful Marketing Campaign.

“If fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Choose from nine of our most popular marketing mailing lists when planning your campaign.  Each file database can be customized for your particular lead acquisition efforts. You will be able to:


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