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Mortgage Lead Lists

Not All People are Eligible.

Having mortgage leads lists that are up-to-date is important when you are purchasing records.  But, did you also know that information-rich communication is one main key to having a successful marketing campaign?  Prospects might not qualify for loans at this time, but your quality content can educate them in the right direction.  Consumers like good information and they will remember who sent it.

Due to all the different regions of the country and all the income caps per state, you have to be more precise to whom you are offering your loans.  In the golden old days of lending, each response from a marketing campaign was almost always a qualified borrower. But these days 2 out of every 10 leads qualify for your lending options.

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Being more selective can help you find the target prospect for your loan offer. can help you maximize your selection list to increase responses from qualified borrowers.  There is so much competition between mortgage brokers and lenders today.  Get up-to-date mortgage leads before your competition. 

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Our Mortgage Lead Lists Database is Rebuilt from Scratch Every Two Months.

The data is collected from county recorder and assessor offices across the country.  50 million US homeowner records that have been filtered through the National Change of Address (NCOA) to ensure deliverability. 

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Additionally, the data is passed against suppression files to eliminate consumers or telephone numbers as appropriate:Decease File, State Attorney General (SAG) data, the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) do-not mail and do-not-call lists, and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) do-not call file.

Our Mortgage Mail List Database Includes the Following Criteria Selections:

    • State

    • County

    • Zip Code

    • Zip Range

    • Radius

    • Carrier Route

    • Census Tract

    • Area Code

    • MSA Code

    • Address Lines

    • Adult Age (2yr Increments)

    • Available Home Equity

    • Available Home Equity Range

    • Census Median Home Value

    • Child Age

    • Credit Card Buyer

    • Credit Card Indicator

    • Date of Birth

    • Date of Birth Use

    • Delinquent Tax Flag

    • Delinquent Tax Year

    • Dwelling Unit Size

    • Ethnic Code

    • Ethnic Country Code

    • Ethnic Language Preference Code

    • Ethnic Religion Code

    • Fireplace

    • First Loan Amount

    • First Loan Amount Range

    • First Loan Date (CCYYMMDD)

    • First Loan Interest Rate Type

    • First Loan Lender Type

    • First Loan Transaction Type

    • First Loan Type

    • Garage

    • Gender

    • Head HH Occupation

    • Heating & Cooling System

    • Home Assessed Value

    • Home Assessed Value Range

    • Home Market Value

    • Home Market Value Range

    • Home Purchase Amount

    • Home Purchase Amount Range

    • Home Size (sq. ft.)

    • Home Size Range (sq. ft.)

    • Homeowner Type

    • Homeowner Type Detail

    • Income Code (Estimated HH)

    • InfoBase Networth

    • Lender Home Equity

    • Lender Home Equity Range

    • Lender Type Scan Field

    • Length of Residence

    • Length of Residence Range

    • Loan to Value

    • Loan to Value Range

    • Lot Size (sq ft)

    • Lot Size Range

    • Mail Address Record Type

    • Mail Order Buyer

    • Mail Order Responder

    • Martial Status

    • Market Decile

    • Market Value Model flag

    • Net Worth – Premier

    • Numbers of Bedrooms

    • Number of Bedrooms

    • Number of Units

    • One Per / All Per Owner

    • Only records with ZIP+4

    • Personicx Cluster Codes

    • Personicx Match Indicator

    • Presence of Children

    • Presence of Pool

    • Property Type

    • Property Type Detail

    • Purchase Date

    • Purchase Month (X Date)

    • Real Estate Investor Property Counts

    • RITAA (Ranking Invitation to Apply Approvals)

    • Seasonal Mail Address

    • Second Loan Amount

    • Second Loan Amount Range

    • Second Loan Date (CCYYMMDD)

    • second Loan Equity Line of Credit Flag

    • Second Loan Interest Rate Type

    • Second Loan Lender Type

    • Second Loan Transaction Type

    • Second Loan Type

    • Spouse Gender Code

    • Telephone Number

    • Third Loan Amount

    • Third Loan Amount Range

    • Third Loan Date (CCYYMMDD)

    • Third Loan Equity Line of Credit Flag

    • Third Loan Interest Rate Type

    • Third Loan Lender Type

    • Third Loan Transaction Type

    • Third Loan Type

    • Total Loan Range

    • Total Loans

    • Trust Owned

    • Year Home Built

    • Year Home Built Range

    • First Loan Lender Type

    • Lender Type Scan Field

    • Second Loan Lender Type

    • Third Loan Lender Type

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