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New Homeowners Mailing Lists

How Can Life Stage Marketing Boost Your Response Rates?

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By capturing the attention of consumers at key moments in their lives, they are more willing to respond to an offer.  New homeowners are in a stage of their life where they are trying to get comfortable and familiar with their new surroundings. New homeowners, who usually have above average incomes and good credit scores, are more receptive to direct mail and telephone promotions.  The reason is because they often don’t have friends or family that can help them locate available merchants and services.  Needing many products and services, new homeowners spend more in the first 6 months of owning their home than they do in the following 5 years. Being new to the area, new homeowners are in the stage of developing new relationships, and that includes shopping loyalties.  Studies have shown that consumers are 5 times more likely to become long term customers if you reach them first.


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Increase Profits by Marketing to New Homeowners Who are Ready to Buy.

Our New Homeowner Mailing List Database is updated weekly and includes data on homes purchased within the past six months. Real property information is collected directly from each of the County Recorder’s offices from across the United States. New Homeowners are receptive to marketing promotions because they are in need of the new products and services.  Contact this profitable audience with your message first, before your competition collects their cash.

Our New Homeowners Mailing Lists Database Includes The Following Criteria Selections:

  • 1st Loan Amount
  • 1st Loan Interest Rate Type
  • 1st Loan Type
  • 2nd Loan Amount
  • 2nd Loan Interest Rate Type
  • 2nd Loan Type
  • 3rd Loan Amount
  • 3rd Loan Interest Rate Type
  • 3rd Loan Type
  • Address Lines
  • Gender of Primary Owner
  • History Flag
  • Home Market Value
  • Homeowner Type
  • Loan Amount Scan Field
  • Loan Interest Rate Type Scan Field
  • Loan to Value
  • Loan Transaction Type
  • Loan Type Scan Field
  • Only records with ZIP+4
  • Phone Received Date
  • Property Type
  • Purchase Amt/ Transaction Value
  • Purchase/ Loan Date
  • Record Receipt Date (Pub Date)
  • Telephone Number

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