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New Movers Mailing Lists

How Can You Gain Consumer Loyalty?


Be the first to introduce your business to new movers.  They are ready and willing to establish relationships in their new communities.  If you are the first to reach them with your message, they are 5 times more likely to become a long term customer. Here is your opportunity to market to new movers who lack familiarity with their local services and vendors.  According to consumer and census surveys, 21 million renters and homeowners move every year.  That is over 16% of all U.S. households.  Spending for these new movers is approaching $170 million, annually.


Reach Your Target Market Before Your Competition Does.

Studies have shown that new movers spend more in the first 6 months of their occupancy, than in the next 5 years. You can harness this purchasing power and gain customer loyalty by marketing with a new mover mailing list.  The window of opportunity is small.

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Cultivate Profitable and Lasting Relationships with Our New Movers Mailing Lists Database.

This Database is refreshed on a weekly and monthly basis.  Records that are six months old are deleted so that only the most qualified new movers data is available for customization. 9 million new movers have changed occupancy in the past six months.  Harness this buying power of 160 million dollars by marketing a new movers mail list.

Our New Movers Mailing Lists Database includes the following criteria selections:

Zip Code
Zip Range
Area Code
Carrier Route
Census Tract
Address Lines
Census Median Income
Distance of Move
Dwelling Type
Gender of Primary Ownert
History Flag
One household per mailing address
Only records with ZIP+4
Phone Received Date
Previous Address Flag
Publication Date
Telephone Number
Transaction Code
Trust Flag

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