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Resident Mailing Lists

What is The Cheapest Way to Gain Access to Every Household?

resident-mailing-lists-zip-code-mailing-list-broker By “saturating” your market with a resident mailing list, you can save money on postage.  If you are a new business or operate in a local market and want to increase in-store visits, a resident mailing list will instantly create name recognition at an inexpensive price.

Our resident lists include more than just consumers.  They also include business occupants in neighborhoods, counties and zips where you are targeting your offer.  With a savings of up to 60% off postage, your business gets a greater value per mail piece, so that your viral message can create word-of-mouth buzz to a larger demographic.

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Our Resident/Occupant Database Enables You to Reach Every Postal Point in the Country.



It is updated every month in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Office. Our Resident Mailing Database is the freshest and most deliverable mailing list available. Over 138 million addresses of every U.S. Household and Business from every zip code in the country are arranged in “Walk Sequence” at the time of your order.  This qualifies you for the lowest available postage rates.80% of the database contains names of residents upon request.  Otherwise, records are addressed to “Resident” or “Box holder”. Gain access to every household in the nation at a discounted rate with a saturation mailing lists.

Our Resident Mailing Lists Database Includes The Following Criteria Selections:


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